Designed to Make the Job of Screening Potential Employees Easier for You!
Search Type Fee Details Type of Form Required Turnaround Time
Criminal Records $20.00 Per county searched - past seven years. (Court fees may apply in some counties). Consent/Release Form 48-72 hours
Sex Offender Registry $2.00 Per applicant Consent/Release 24 hours
Federal Crimes Search $15.00 Per name searched Consent/Release 24 hours
SSN Trace $10.00 Consent/Release Form Consent/Release Form 24 hours
CA Driving Record $12.00 Per record Consent/Release Form 24 hours
Other State Driving Record(s) varies Per record Consent/Release Form Some states require additional forms varies
Drug Testing $40.00 - $80.00 Per applicant searched Lab Release Form 24-72 hours
Worker's Compensation $25.00 Per search (not all states available) Consent/Release Form 24-48 hours
Civil Filings Search $15.00 Per search Consent/Release Form 24 hours
Employment History $15.00 Per employer * Consent/Release Form 1-5 days
Education Verification $15.00 Per colleges and universities attended * Consent/Release Form 1-3 days
Professional Certification/License $15.00 Per certification / licenses received Consent/Release Form 1-3 days

* NOTE: Some employers and schools outsource verifications to 3rd-party verifiers incurring additional fees.