Search Information Provided Purpose of the Search Details / Variations
County Criminal Records 7-year Felony and Misdemeanor convictions history and pending court cases. 1. Reduces risk of negligent hiring.
2. Reduces workplace violence.
3. Reduces theft.
4. Ensures safety of employees and customers.

Access varies by county.  DOB required. Recommend search of each county of residence of the past seven years.

SSN Trace

1. Names associated with the SSN.
2. Address history associated with the SSN, which provides insight into
jurisdictions of residence of the past seven years.

1. Provides additional confirmation of the identify  of the candidate.
2. Provides insight into fraudulent use.
Records are compiled from the "header" (name, addresses, SSN of the subject) of all three major credit bureau files.
Driving Record 1. Driving history - past three years.
2. Other names used.
3. Verifies identity.
4. Provides driving privilege status.
1. Insight into the candidate's level of responsibility.
2. License status.
3. Identity verification.
4. History of citations, accidents or suspensions.
5. Drug/alcohol related incidences.
Not available in all states. Some states require signature of subject on a state-specific request form.
Employment History 1. Dates of employment.
2. Job title.
3. Salary.
4. Reason for leaving.
5. Eligibility for re-hire.
1. Confirms resume/application information.
2. Verifies previous job history.
Not all information is available from some employers.
Education Verification 1. Degree confirmation.
2. Date degree conferred.
3. Dates attended.
4. Special honors awarded.
1. Ensures candidate's ability to perform the job.
2. Confirms candidate's resume information.
Not available in all countries other than the United States.
Professional Certification Or License 1. License validity.
2. Date issued.
3. Licensing authority.
Insight into the candidate's credentials or license needed to do the job.  
Civil Filings Search 1. Civil judgments.
2. Tax liens.
3. Bankruptcy.
Insight into subject's level of responsibility. No additional credit consent form required. This search can be requested in lieu of a full credit report.
Workers Compensation History 1. Worker's Comp claims.
2. Previous injuries
Insight into the candidate's ability to perform functions of positions with physical requirements.

Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act.

Some states have specific requirements for requesting WC history.

Federal Criminal Search

1. Federal drug crimes
2. Mail fraud
3. Bank crimes
4. Counterfeiting
5. Arson
6. Kidnapping
7. Terrorism

8. Immigration Offenses

1. Reduces risk of negligent hiring.
2. Ensures safety of employer/customers.
3. Protects employer assets.
This is a search for crimes filed in Federal court, rather than a county court.
Sex Offender Registry Offenders who have been convicted of crimes against a minor, or a sexually violent offense. Especially pertinent for employees who have contact with children, the elderly or the infirm: or have access to individual residences. National search of all states hosting a SOR in conjunction with the dept of justice.

Professional References

Answers to client-specific questions asked of references provided by the candidate. Insight into the candidate's job performance, interpersonal skills, abilities, etc. Name, phone number, and email address of references must be provided by the candidate.
International Searches Criminal records search, education and employment verifications.   Outsourced to a reliable 3rd party.  Additional costs incurred.
Character Risk Assesment Character Risk Reports are reliable indicators of a candidate's character risk level regardless of whether he/she has a criminal record. Reduce the employer's risk of employee violence, harassment, sabotage, and theft in the workplace. Administered by Boston Biometrics, a reliable 3rd party.
Job Performance Score Indicates on a sliding scale the degree to which a candidate will be successful in a given job. The Probability of Success number is based on how closely the candidate's Character Traits and Personality Type match the job's tangible requirements. Administered by Boston Biometrics, a reliable 3rd party.