How to Get Started

Process Two Options for submitting background search requests

A. Via Fax

  1. Requesting company completes an HRA Order/Fax Form for each applicant.
  2. Requesting company Faxes to HRA the Order/Fax form along with the required consent forms and supporting documents (applications, Resumes, etc.) Documents may be scanned and emailed.
  3. HRA processes all requested searches and verifications.
  4. The final report of findings is submitted to the requesting company, by fax or email.

B. Via the Online Application System (T/E Screener) *

  1. The requesting company’s authorized representative signs into the T/E Screener. Alternatively, the documents can be faxed or emailed to HRA. Upon receipt, the request will be entered by our staff.
  2. The applicant’s personal information is entered (name, SSN, employment history, etc.) and the searches required are chosen.
  3. Once the request is submitted, HRA is notified automatically by email that a new request is ready for processing.
  4. When the searches are complete, the requesting company is notified that the final report is ready for retrieval.

* Online Application System
Human Resource Advantage has available to our clients an online application system through the Internet called T/E Screener. Our clients who wish to take advantage of this feature are assigned a Company ID, User ID and Passwords for each employee entrusted with applicant information. Once signed into the system, clients can submit applications, check on the status of pending searches, and print completed reports. Sensitive information transmitted between the browser and the application is transmitted under the SSL protocol, so all credit and application information is encrypted. Credit application data are transmitted from ASP location to the credit repositories via a Virtual Private Network in which security is enable through the use of a private circuit. This approach is consistent with credit bureau security guidelines.