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Criminal Records Search Facts

May 31, 2014

FYI Article III

Criminal Records Search Facts

  • HRA uses only reputable research firms that we have vetted and are confident in their reliability.
  • There are over 3,500 court jurisdictions in which criminal records are retained.

  • There is no true criminal records National Database available to the public. 

  • A few states have reliable databases that are updated every day.  Most, however, are not as reliable as a physical, hands-on search at the county court clerk’s office.

  • The Court Record Index varies at each office.

    ·       On paper, in folders.     

    ·       Microfiche.

    ·       Computer.     

  • In each court clerk office on any given day there are numerous researchers vying for access to the Court Case Index, in addition to journalists and the general public conducting business at the clerk’s office.


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